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Cleacht sa rang.

"The main purpose of the Irish curriculum is the development of the natural use of the spoken language in communication."
Inspectorate Evaluation Studies - Irish in the Primary School. (Department of Education and Skills)

IrishHomework.ie is Primary Language Curriculum (2019) Stage 3 and 4 ready
for Irish in English medium schools.

What we do

We provide the most efficient path to succeeding at Irish.

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Efficiency Motivation.

By removing all unnecessary hurdles we create rapid and sustainable progress which feeds into long term motivation.

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TBL lesson plans and materials

Our fully integrated lesson plans, materials and teaching notes guide you to achieve excellent functional, grammatical and most importantly communicative outcomes for your students.

Teamwork Shared Success.

Your Teacher Dashboard carefully tracks student effort and progress allowing you to identify wavering individuals who require special attention.

Full participation and shared success develops into the very positive learning environment every Irish class strives for.

Very impressed with IrishHomework’s approach to Irish language & concept of flipped classroom
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin
I love the drama element the lessons allow for... it gives the children real confidence in using the language and they really enjoy it.
Ms. Ronan
Ms. Ronan
5th Class Teacher, Limerick East Educate Together.

Online Training

Modern language learning techniques and content have been highly refined for those "motivated groups of individual adult learners". Our solution adapts these advances to solve the biggest common issue facing a typical primary school Irish language class - medium to long term motivation.

We collaborated with the linguistics departments in
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Trials were run in a cross section of Irish primary schools where we researched, developed and tested Task Based Learning (TBL) as the companion in-class component.

Our integrated solution shows you lesson by lesson how to deliver this paradigm shift in language learning. Two half hour sessions of our free online training will prime you to bring proficiency in Irish to all your students.

Online and Seminar Training Page

Our pupils love the real world conversational phrases that fit a host of different scenarios... ’alive’ useful Gaeilge outside the school gate.
Mr Carroll
Mr. Carroll
6th Class Teacher, Cratloe National School.

Simple everyday spoken Irish.

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