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"The main purpose of the Irish curriculum is the development of the natural use of the spoken language in communication."
Inspectorate Evaluation Studies - Irish in the Primary School. (Department of Education and Skills)

IrishHomework.ie is Primary Language Curriculum (2019) Stage 3 and 4 ready
for Irish in English medium schools.

What we do

We provide the most efficient path to succeeding at Irish.

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Assessment For Learning (AFL)

Our built in AFL ensures that students over our 80% benchmark will have achieved the functional, grammatical and most importantly communicative learning outcomes as per Stage 3 (our Level 2) and stage 4 (Level 3) of the new curriculum.

Our flipped classroom approach allows for refined Self Assessment for home study and both Self and Peer Assessment during in class activities.

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Efficiency Leads To Motivation.

By removing all unnecessary hurdles we create rapid and sustainable progress which feeds into long term motivation.

Click the image to try a lesson for yourself. See how easy it is to self-study.

Teamwork And Shared Success.

Our Teacher Dashboard gives accurate and objective assessment which grows homework participation rates to over 70%.

Task based in-class activities promote teamwork and results in a great communicative experience, aka Fun.

Very impressed with IrishHomework’s approach to Irish language & concept of flipped classroom
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin
I love the drama element the lessons allow for... it gives the children real confidence in using the language and they really enjoy it.
Ms. Ronan
Ms. Ronan
5th Class Teacher, Limerick East Educate Together.

Online Training

Our free online training provides you with the how and why of IrishHomework. You will then be well placed to request our Training Seminar to learn more about how to run the in-class part, the Task Based Activities.

Online and Seminar Training Page

Our pupils love the real world conversational phrases that fit a host of different scenarios... ’alive’ useful Gaeilge outside the school gate.
Mr Carroll
Mr. Carroll
6th Class Teacher, Cratloe National School.

Simple everyday spoken Irish.

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