Guidance for Principals

Spoken Irish is a one stop shop solution for your core curricular Irish. All our learning is based on useable spoken Irish. Because we focus on communicative language first our students motivation builds from lesson to lesson to deliver much more efficient and satisfying progress. Our sequence of learning is different to traditional methods but all areas are covered (incl. reading, writing and grammar) and better understood in a living language context.

Distance Learning and In Class Practice
You won't find a solution for Distance Learning of Irish here. We tried that last term and it only proved the importance of the in-class practice.
Students do not retain the language and cannot progress and keep motivated without the chance to use what they have learned.
Our experience with distance learning shows us just how valid our blended approach is by proving the need for class time being used as practice time.

Getting Started with
As principal please be mindful of these key recommendations when bringing teachers on board with our platform.
  1. Don't impose a whole school solution. This is a new approach to Irish and must be proven to work teacher by teacher, school by school. If you overencourage a teacher to use they will not have sufficent belief or self motivation to complete the training and implement the new pedagogy required for this blended learning approach. Use your early adopters in the first year. Let them spread the word there after.
  2. Ask your teachers to register and complete the training and then to decide if they want to give it a go. The training takes about 1 hour, but 2 half hour sessions is advised.
  3. When you have your list of willing teachers, get in touch with us directly and ask for our Zoom training sessions on in-class activities.
  4. That's it. From there it's just a matter of showing regular interest and ensuring teachers are not getting stuck for any reason. If you can help them prioritise this during the first couple of months then success will follow.
We will work with your teachers to ensure your students and their parents all come on board with minimum disturbance.

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