Navigate to and click on Login.

Use the full username your teacher gave you.
Your password will be the same as the first part of your username, usually your firstname. e.g.

Username : jack-6a-12345a
Password : jack

If there is another student in your class with the same first name you may need to add your surname initial e.g. jackb

Homework requirement
You should attempt the lesson on your own. It is designed to work best this way.
If you are in 1st or 2nd class your parent or guardian can help you get started.

They might even help you practice the dialogue.
When your 10 minutes are over please practice the dialogue with you parent or guardian (or brother or sister).
Whoever you practice with, don't let them slow you down by correcting, you are allowed to use Enlish when you forget the Irish word.
The dialogue should sound like a normal conversation so its important to act it out like you're in a film.
You should find it hard at the start of the week and easy at the end of the week.

By the end of the week your Status Dots have to be All Green. (some dots can't be green until the first week is over)
Harry did this short video to explain the status dots.

Watch it carefully so you can explain it to your teacher. status lights

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