How Much?
Our annual subscription fees are:

€10 per student

€8 (DEIS Band 2 and Rural)

€6 (DEIS Band 1)

Our pricing structure is a balance between the need to reduce costs for parents and incentivising regular use.

  • Reducing costs for parents. - Once up and running with your Irish booklist reduces significantly.
  • Incentivising initial use. - Having a fee encourages all concerned to value the platform and focus on making good use of it from the start. After a few weeks use the real value becomes obvious.
  • To do it right. - Of course needs to have an income to pay the bills, to grow and to improve what we do.

No Pay Wall?
We don't operate a pay wall !

There is nothing to stop you getting started straight away.

Actually we are being a little sneaky. We know that once you are using you will want to go on using it. When you are hooked we will get in touch.
Until then you can consider it a free trial. The fee will then be reduced pro rata depending on how much of the academic year is left.

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