Trainee Teacher Rate
On placement?

€50 per year.
This buys you full access to all our material irrespective of how many different classes you have during the year. Thus no fee for students or the school.

Just let us know up front so that we can set you up for your current placement.

Referral Scheme
We will send you €50 for every referred Teacher Account that shows normal use within 3 weeks of registering. (And is paid up.)

We'll check each referree over zoom.

Yes, well spotted, you could set up a chain. (Or just make a nice pot of cash for yourself.)

Our Regular Pricing

How Much?
Our annual subscription fees are:

€10 per student.

Our pricing is a balance between the need to reduce costs for parents and incentivising regular use.

- As covers the new Irish Primary Curriculum your Irish booklist reduces significantly. We use all income to pay the bills, to grow and to improve what we do.

No Pay Wall?
We don't operate a pay wall !

There is nothing to stop you getting started straight away.
It's important to complete our Self-certified Training course. Click on Help -> Training from your Teacher Dashboard.

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