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Spoken Irish is a one stop shop solution for your core curricular Irish. All our learning is based on useable spoken Irish. Because we focus on communicative language first our students motivation builds from lesson to lesson to deliver much more efficient and satisfying progress. Our sequence of learning is different to traditional methods but all areas are covered (incl. reading, writing and grammar) and better understood in a living language context.

What we learned from Distance Learning
We learned that without in-class practice you cannot maintain student motivation for acquiring a language.

Getting Started with
  1. Use our demo account to follow the Quick Tour
  2. Create your own account by following our Getting Started walk-through.
  3. Read the About Us, FAQ and finally our Training pages.
Find the link from your Teacher Dashboard Link to Training.

Teachers are required to maintain a >90% completion level (1.) to ensure they remain up to speed with the latest enhancments and techniques.
Read the advice underneath the video first (2.) then watch the bite sized video module (3.).
A follow up test question serves as self certification with a focus on the key takeaway.

Training Page Description

With your account already created from step 1 & 2, you may have already added some students as per our automated Getting Started walk-through tutorial.
  1. Finish adding the students in your class. First names only is recommended. (Optional initial to avoid duplication.)
  2. Send this link to students and their parents How to get started with
  3. Set a lesson from Level 1 Begin with the easiest on the left, irrespective of which class you are teaching. for the start of each week.
  4. Students are automatically guided through their first steps when they log in for the first time. We handle all technical queries directly so you don't have to.
  5. Some features only become active from the second week of use and after the second lesson has been set.
    For example: Charts, Wordmaze, Wordcloud, Spelling, Recording Sentences.
    Note: the platform does not allow lessons to be set on Fridays.

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