Guidance for Parents

Spoken Irish is a blended learning solution for all your primary school Irish needs.
Because we focus on communicative language first our students begin to enjoy using Irish which means they remember it for long enough to keep building on it. They see the progress, they feel like the did it themselves and they have fun using it in class. Our sequence of learning is different to traditional methods but all areas are covered (incl. reading, writing and grammar) and are better understood as a living language.

Let's start by showing you how to get logged in and how you might help. Though with they'll be able to manage by themselves.
Navigate to and click on Login.

Use the full username your teacher gave you.
Your password will be the same as the first part of your username, usually your firstname. e.g.

Username : jack-6a-12345a
Password : jack

If there is another student in your class with the same first name you may need to add your surname initial e.g. jackb

Homework requirement
Your child should attempt the lesson on their own. It is designed to work best this way.
However some gentle support for 1st or 2nd class students can sometimes help.

Feel free to watch over their shoulder as it helps if you know the dialogue.
When their 10 minutes are over (be strict about the 10 mins), please role play the dialogue with your child.
It's very important not to correct what your child says. You should only prompt if they are really stuck and do so in English so they have to compose the Irish in their own head.
What you are striving for is a relaxed fluent conversation even if they need to throw in some English to keep it up to speed.
If they feel their role play was poor encourage them to be patient, they will have it by the end of the week, no problem.

At the end of the week make sure their Status Dots are All Green for this weeks lesson. (some dots can only be green from after week 2)
Watch this video with your child to understand the Status Dots status lights

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